Aakruthi Concrete Solutions

“Welcome Aakruthi Concrete Solutions-Apart of Aakruthi Group of Companies founded to fulfill the need for Quality Concrete blocks with best Value and competitive prices”

The manufacturing Plant is located in Bangalore near Hoskote, with the capacity to manufacture and supply 20000 blocks per day stretched its wings to supply all over the Bangalore. It has the facilities and equipments which is well advanced and sophisticated to cater the optimum use of resources and provide value added blocks which in turn the benefit is shared with our customers.

We have proud and satisfied customers in corporate and group housing sector and individuals in the home segment. Practically, our blocks have been patronized by every leading builder, thus holding testimony to superior technology and commitment to quality products. We also have an effective transport system that offers quick and timely delivery to customers.

We are backed by a dynamic team of employees who are dedicated and committed to give you the best product. Our blocks have several advantages. The specially designed Hollow range of blocks help in doing a neat and precise conducting work for electrical and plumbing needs. The solid blocks have superior strength, better water absorption and density parameters. They are easy to build even during monsoons with low setting time as compared to conventional bricks. They come in various size and specifications suitable for load-bearing and non-load bearing applications. So, when you plan to build, come to Aakruthi Concrete Solutions. We will help you build a wall that will stand the test of time.


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